Sárkány DSE

Aranytíz Központ
Budapest, 1051 Arany János u. 10.
2014. augusztus 16-24.





Organizing comittee

V. Sárkány - Aranytíz International Master Tournament

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V. Sárkány - Aranytíz International Master Tournament and IV. Budapest Open


Purpose of tournament:

To provide young players the opportunity to try themselves against experienced Grandmasters and International Masters, on the occasion of this tournament for GM and IM norms, organized by the Budapest Chess Federation (BCF), the Aranytíz House of Culture and Sárkány DSE. To strengthen chessfriendship.

Date of tournament: 16-24th August 2014.
Place of tournament: Aranytíz House of Culture, 1051 Arany János str. 10.
Main Patron of the tournament: István Tarlós, Lord Mayor of Budapest
Patrons of the tournament:

Antal Rogán, MP, Mayor of V. district of Budapest

Máriusz Révész, MP, President of Budapest Chess Federation

Organiser of the tournament: IO Balázs Nádasi
Arbiters of the tournament: IA IM Gyula Fehér. The other arbiters will be intruduced on the spot.
Participants of the tournament: Three Grandmasters and seven International and FIDE-Masters in the GM group. Three International Masters and 7 FIDE-Masters and Master candidates in the International Master group. No restrictions for the IV. Budapest Open.
Organization system: The GM- and the IM-tournaments: 9 rounds of round robin. The players draw a number, and will play against each other in accordance with the cross-table. In the Open: 9 rounds Swiss.
Time rate: 90’/40 moves + 30’ for the rest of the game, with 30” bonus/move.
Order of rounds: From 16th (Saturday) to 24th (Sunday) of August 2014, every day from 3 pm, except for the last round, when games start at 10 am.
Judging of ties: In the master tournaments: 1. Berger-Sonneborn; 2. result against each other. In the Open: 1. Buchholz; 2. progressive score; 3. result against each other.

In all groups: I. prize: Trophy. I–III. prize: medal.

In the Open tournament, the prize fund is 150 000 HUF.

Entry and online registration: At  Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyezned kell a JavaScript használatát. . Players must have over 2200 ELO to enter the IM Tournament and over 2400 to the GM tournament.
Additional information:

All players are responsible for their accommodation, but can convey different proposals.ó


We wish all players a pleasant time!


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